Introducing the Founders of Math Help Services

Peter Nield and John McArthur have been changing students’ lives and attitudes towards mathematics for over 15 years. They have helped thousands of students to move beyond their fear of math class to be confident and motivated students.

John McArthur started his career in the classroom where he soon became known as the “go to” person for students and teachers alike. John has an incredible talent for presenting mathematics concepts in a way that is not only easy to understand, but interesting at the same time. Several years ago John made the move from classroom teacher to professional math tutor. In his role as the most sought after private tutor he has helped hundreds of students rise to heights that they never thought possible – changing their lives and turning them into life-long learners.

Peter Nield has been a classroom teacher for 15 years and has taught every level of mathematics. Over the course of his time in the classroom he developed and honed the unique skill of being able to present mathematics in a way that anyone could understand it, regardless of their age, experience or background. Teaching in a public school, he regularly had the highest success rates in his district on standardized exams. He has an uncanny ability to facilitate and motivate students to succeed and to become passionate about their education.

While the company has grown, Math Help Services is still a compilation of Peter and John’s best practices for teaching and learning mathematics. They are very proud that they’ve assembled such a dynamic support team of programmers, designers and product specialist to work hands on with our teachers, training them how to effectively use the best math teaching solutions software in the world. A solution that helps students to achieve the math results that their parents always knew they were capable of and provides a system that frees up time for great teachers to do what they love to do most – be innovative educators!

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